Wires, Fuses, Relays & Other Electrical Parts
Other parts worth mentioning are those that make up the intricate electrical distribution system of your motor vehicle. To most people, motor vehicle wiring is an odd jungle of colored wires, metal connectors and fuses. All these serve to distribute power from the battery or alternator to the other devices in the car. Some wires are larger in diameter than others, and this is a function of the amount of current they transmit: The larger the wire, the higher the current load. On the other hand, there are other wires that do not transmit any current. These are the ones mainly involved with the transmission of data or signals to the various switches and sensors.
Fuses are an integral part of the electrical system. For the most part, they are there to protect the wiring from transmitting a current load higher that their rated capacity and burning out. Most fuses are found in a fuse box or fuse panel commonly located beneath the dashboard. Modern automotive fuses are transparent, colour coded and indicate their current load rating in bold numbers on the top end. A blown fuse can easily be spotted when held against a light as the continuity of the filament connecting both blades is broken.
Relays are the electrically controlled switches that rely on signals from other sensors or devices to turn on or off.
To the everyday motorist, pinpointing a problem in the electrical system of a car could prove to be a bewildering undertaking, this accompanied by small electrical shocks, a fair amount of hair tearing, and a lot of swearing. The services of a qualified automotive electrician are in order.

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