Gaskets, Sealers & Bushings
The proper operation of the motor vehicle is by and large dependent on the integrity of its engine. The process of combustion requires an enclosed space, provided by the combustion chamber, and a fair amount of pressure, provided by the piston. The success of combustion in turn requires that the engine be air tight and that its numerous compartments be isolated from each other. Since a modern engine is not built as a single block but made up of a number of interfacing parts, it is at the junction of these parts or interfaces that require attention to prevent air or fluid leaks. Gaskets inserted between these interfacing parts perform this all important function. Usually made up of a fire resistant material, these thin sheets seal off the engine thus ensuring proper compression and preventing oil, water, and fuel to mix. When operating your vehicle, any noticeable loss of power, engine jerking or bumping, difficulty in starting, constant overheating, and annoying engine knocks and pings may indicate a leaky gasket that would need replacement. The services certified mechanic would then be in order.
Other areas worth looking at are the bushings of the steering system. These are the rubber fittings that join the parts of your steering system and ensure smooth and proper turning of the wheels. Any noticeable difficulty in motion is transmitted up the steering column to the steering wheel. Therefore any unwanted or unexpected jerks or motion on the steering wheel while the vehicle is in motion warrants a check by a certified mechanic.