Frequently Asked Questions Q: When I have bought a personalized registration mark, is it required that I have to put it up onto the vehicle right away?
A: Unless it has been supplied by a retention certificate, you have until the date of expiration as shown on your V750 or V778.
Q: Must I have the Euro symbol displayed on my plate?
A: The European Symbol of Stars with GB is required to be placed on the extreme left of the plate.
Q: If I crack or break my plates do I change it?
A: Yes Eif the registration mark is unreadable
Q: Do I change both (front and back?
A: No, just the one damaged.
Q: What happens if I give this as a gift for someone else?
A: The person who shall receive it will be recorded as the nominee but you will be recorded as the purchaser. The registration mark can either be put in your name or under your nominee's name.
If it's for a company, the registration will bear the name company name.
Q: How much do private plates cost?
A: Depending on the rarity and uniqueness of the plates, personal number plates cost anywhere between a couple of hundred pounds to ten thousand pounds.